What I love (and hate) about Caitlyn

I’m a very active player on League of Legends, and when Caitlyn was announced I was very excited to play with her. I loved her design and the idea of bringing a Sheriff to the League was great and could bring something new. When I saw her rifle, I already imagined that she’d be somewhat like Ashe, so I started saving my IP to buy new runes (since I had only one runebook ready, one of magicpen/cooldown reduction). I got another one with armorpen/mana regen, and when she was released I bought the bundle, since the skins were really nice too.

For my first game, everything was simply awesome, she was great in mid and I could own everyone, mostly because people didn’t really know her abilities. Playing some more, I could notice that she’s a very limited character and can’t really do much to kill someone. From her 4 abilities, only two actually hit to hurt the enemy and can’t really be used in a solo fight: her Q is good to farm and hurt enemies in the laning phase, but there’s a charging time that doesn’t benefit much in direct fights; her R/ultimate has an enormous range, but the channeling time again doesn’t give you any benefit to use in 1×1 fights, it’s only good to use it on enemies that are running away. Her W can trap and reveal an enemy, and it’s good to put in some places like bushes and Baron/Dragon. People aren’t even afraid of Caitlyn anymore, they know she can’t really do much except knock back with her E ability when they’re chasing her.

One good thing about her is that she has a great range, so I abuse that early game to harass enemies, and I love laning with her because she can trigger the passive easier in the bushes. But that kills the possibility of a gank there, so it may not be a good choice depending on your teammate. The range is what I like best about her.

Caitlyn’s totally based on auto-attacks on teamfights, paying attention to that enemy that’s running away with low health, so that she can use her ultimate. The problem is that most of the time someone in the middle will intercept the shot for them. More damage for the team anyway. I always build her with Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster and Last Whisperer, in this order, and almost always get the Berserker’s Greaves after getting at least one item from Infinity Edge. As Caitlyn is an auto-attack based champion, IE is always a must.

What pisses me off the most is her ultimate. Although the range is great, the damage is not something to brag about, since it’s very weak, and can’t really hurt an enemy with a good defense. Other than that, Pantheon’s passive can block that, and Vladmir’s pool can dodge it. It’s sooo irritating when that happens!

But anyway, Caitlyn’s a very fun champion to play with. Although she can’t dive head-on in a teamfight, with the right build she can always be of a great help. I just make sure to focus the squishy enemies first, the critical damage and her passive can REALLY hurt them.

For next time, I’ll talk about Cassiopeia, one of my favorite champions, but also very underrated, although I admit she’s UP nowadays.

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