Why I am tired of animes and mangas

Everyone that knows me knows that I’m a big fan of anime and mangas in general, but lately they’ve been turning me off to the point of me not reading as many mangas as I’ve used to or watch animes at all(the only one I’m following is HeartCatch PreCure, for two reasons: 1 – it’s my favorite anime; 2 – I’ve been watching this series since it started early 2010, I wouldn’t stop 5 episodes to the end).

The first thing is that I’m not really patient anymore to watch things. When I’m bored or it’s not surprising me anymore, I just stop it and go do something else. This doesn’t only happen with animes, but with series and TV shows in general, although I barely watch TV. That being said, another thing I can barely stand is the sense of deja-vu I get when watching 99% of the animes. There are some scenes or cliches that are always repeated and I just can’t stand them anymore. I’ll talk about them a little.

I hate the harem scenario. It’s so stupid seeing lots of girls around a boy that has nothing special (and always looks the same), but ends up changing the life of the girls around him. Some of them (rarely) have something peculiar about them, but it always ends up irritating me. Air is an anime that I love, but has this problem that I just can’t overlook. I had the same problem with Kanon, but I was way more irritated by the protagonist (to the point of not being able to even watch it until the end) and his private harem, him doing everything to solve the problem of each girl while being a total idiot in his daily life.

I hate the typical shonen protagonist. They always have something in common: they would do anything to protect their friends, even getting to unbearable levels of mental problems. I know it’s a beautiful thing in theory, but I simply can’t stand it anymore. I’m tired of it. I’m also tired of them always having a girl that is so in love with them that they would do anything for them. Some of them have personalities and I really like them (like Keiko from YuYu Hakusho), but most are just there to fill the role of the stupid romantic girl.

I hate the over-romantic shoujo protagonists. I know shoujo protagonists are very diverse, but this type of girl that lives for finding a boyfriend and devoting her life completely to him is totally out of my league, I can’t stand their stories. A good example would be Karen, from the manga Kare First Love, one of the most stupid female protagonists I’ve ever seen. I know lots of women like this in real life, and I have nothing against them, but I’m just not interested to follow stories with characters like this.

Fanservice. One of these days I was reading an anime blog and I saw a picture of a girl falling from the sky, and can you guess where did she fall? Upon a boy, of course! And evoking sexual positions, obviously. I’m tired of big boobs being shown in unrealistic ways, of clothes being ripped off, and lots of other obvious things that don’t really need to be mentioned. That being said, I was a big fan of Queen’s Blade, because I actually like the story and the depth of the characters, but that’s another thing I can’t stand anymore, simply because of the in-your-face fanservice. I haven’t even watched the OVAs, and I was so excited for them…

Tsundere characters. Boring, boring, boring.

I guess that’s it… There are some other things that are actually pulling me off from the otaku world, but those are the main ones. If you have an anime that doesn’t have any of those things to suggest to me, please do and I’ll check it out (if I haven’t watched it yet, of course). And don’t consider those things within the mahou shoujo genre, it’s my favorite and I’m completely biased to it.

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