My view on Britney Spears

I’ve always been a fan of pop music, I grew up with the Spice Girls and Madonna. When I was a teenager, Britney appeared and her music didn’t stop playing on MTV. I really liked Baby One More Time, but I never imagined she’d get this far, and with the huge popularity she has nowadays. Since the start of her carreer, she released some great songs, while others were bland and some others were horrible, but in general she constructed a very solid discography, with a nice videography to go with it.

Britney was never a favorite of mine, but I always enjoyed her music a lot. When she released In The Zone, a new Britney was born: provocative, sexy, and the best thing: trying to gain control over her carreer and show her own creativity, composing songs and participating in the production of the tracks. This is what I like the most about an artist, the envolvement with his/her own art. It was really nice to see her creating, doing concepts for her videos, even directing one of them; it was as if we could see more of her.

Nowadays, she’s just another person releasing good songs to me. I don’t see any involvement, any dedication, any talent. I see overproduced songs, with the best producers of our times, doing awesome beats while she goes on studio, sings a little and gets her voice completely changed with tons of effects. Her performances are on the boring side, because her dancing abilities are not what they used to be, and she doesn’t sing live with absolutely no reason for lipsynching, since it’s completely possible to do both at the same time because there’s no wild coreography going on anymore (to prove my point, just watch any performance of the japanese singer Namie Amuro or even Koda Kumi).

I see nothing wrong with being the way Britney is, simply because there are lots of people that enjoy her music and her carreer the way it is now. It just doesn’t get me into her that much. Her most recent song, Hold it Against Me, is an awesome tune, very Ke$haesque, something that will definetely be on replay on my iPod. And people seem to love it too, so it’s probably gonna be a huge hit. Although I stand by everything I said before, she deserves the title of Pop Princess because of everything she achieved so far.

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